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My Story and My “Why” for Brickhouse

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I want to help people live better lives. At Brickhouse we use fitness and nutrition to help people be healthier, happier, more confident and, most importantly, live amazing lives. That’s where we are now, in 2020. But I want to back up a few years and give you the story that led me here and the things that have been created in order to have this life transformation engine we call Brickhouse. Brickhouse CrossFit was…

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Heading to the Gym? What (and When) to Eat

  If you’re getting that afternoon crash, find yourself chugging pre-workout before you train each day, feel bloated in the gym, or simply don’t have solid energy in your workouts – this one’s for you! · That pre-workout meal is important to how we perform in the gym so let’s dive in and look at getting it shored up. · ❓Questions for you: What time is your workout? Do you do better training on an empty stomach or feeling…

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