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Keys to a Healthy, Effective, Sustainable Fitness Journey

If we could get you to your goal in 3 weeks but told you that you would lose your progress after another 6 weeks, would you take us up on it? Probably not, right? · What if we told you we could get you what you want, but it would take 25 years? Again, you probably would not go for this option. · Thirdly, how about a moderate-rate process, one that takes 1-3 years but you stay sane during…

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Do This ONE Simple Thing To Make It To More Workouts

  Struggling to find time to consistently make it to the gym each week? · When you signed up, you had grand intentions of making it in 4-5 times per week, feeling the awesomeness that comes along with working out, feeling better and reaching your goals. · And then something came up. And then this other thing. · 5 workouts per week turned into a more realistic 3. But then something else comes up. Down to 2. · See…

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The “Skills” You Actually Need To Get Better

  “I need to work on my toes-to-bar.” “I need to practice my muscle-ups.” “I need to get better at my squat clean.” We hear the above and more at our gyms daily from athletes eager to improve and master all the “skills” that make up this wonderful world of CrossFit. While I always encourage getting better at certain movements and think it’s important to have goals in these areas, sometimes we lose focus on WHAT is actually going…

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The Open is Over. What Do We Do Now?

For a lot of us in the CrossFit space, the Open is the “holiday season” where these five weeks represent a special time for our community. We get together each weekend and tackle the week’s challenge – 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, 18.4, 18.5 – each time with the massive support and push from our friends and family! But now that the 5th week has come and gone, where do we go and what do we turn our attention to? The…

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Where Were You Six Months Ago?

  3 weeks down, 2 to go! How did 18.3 go for you? If you’re like most, you ran into a roadblock somewhere because the workout featured so many different elements. Double-unders, overhead squats, muscle-ups (pull-ups for the scaled division). The volume of double-unders was too much for some; the OHS too heavy for others. And then others spent the majority of their workout looking to achieve that elusive first muscle-up or pull-up. 18.3 allowed us to see some…

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