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Break Through Your Plateau

We’ve all been there. The time when progress seems like it has come to a standstill. · The lifts stop going up, the weight loss comes to a halt, the inches around the waistline hold steady. · The dreaded plateau. What gives? · In order to break through our plateau and continue the journey toward gains, weight loss, or whatever it is we desire, it’s important to understand the “Why” behind the lack of progress. · Honestly, sometimes it’s…

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Win Your Day, Win Your Life: 5 Simple Keys

Everybody loves to win, right? That feeling of accomplishment never gets old; for some, it becomes an adrenaline rush. We get addicted. We seek it out. · This is not necessarily a bad thing; unless we let it be. Physically we’re not going to be able to “win” at everything. But within our minds and our frames of perception, we can ALWAYS win. We can find the positive in every negative and learn to frame everything as a “win”….

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