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3 Tips For Long-Term Fitness

For how long do you want to be fit? · Sounds like a silly question, right? Most would answer, “The rest of my life.” · The tricky part about this question is that our personal definitions of fitness are bound to evolve as we age. Our activities change; our priorities shift; our needs differ. · At one point we may consider ourselves fit if our Fran time is under X minutes. At another point, running a mile without stopping…

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How To Be Successful – At Anything!

Typing that title just put a lot of pressure on me to deliver something amazing to you, didn’t it? Whew, okay here we go. First off, what does it even mean to be successful? Are we talking money, a big job with fancy benefits, an impressive resume, a cute family, nice house…what does the term “successful” actually entail? In my mind, we all define our OWN success. Not letting others or society in general define you as successful or…

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