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The Answer: Brickhouse

CrossFit is one of the best exercise programs for long-term, sustainable results; especially for those looking for body fat or weight loss and people just looking to lose inches around the waist or other areas of the body. But why? · It’s not magic and we don’t do anything that hasn’t already been done. · We do cardio. We run, bike, row, we skip rope. Nothing new or unheard of. · We lift weights, whether it be barbells, dumbbells,…

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What is “Healthy?”

“I just want to be healthy.” · We hear this often from new members who come to us at Brickhouse when we ask what their goals and aspirations are. · Every prospective member sits down with a coach or staff member and we talk. We don’t workout. We don’t sweat. We just talk. · What are your goals? What do you want to change about yourself? What aspirations do you have? Who will you become once you achieve this…

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Three Keys to Lose More Body Fat

  The majority of people coming through our doors at Brickhouse CrossFit have a similar (at least on the surface) goal: weight loss.Some may want to see the number on the scale drop; others are more interested in the way their clothes fit or how they look in a bathing suit; still others just want to tone, lose fat and feel better! · All of these are related and they’ve come to the right place for help, but the…

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