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Travel and Holiday Workouts

The holidays can be a tough time for fitness. With all the parties, gatherings, travel, etc… your own health can take a backseat during this special time. Let’s face it, we are all seemingly crunched for time around the holidays! But because of that limited time doesn’t mean we should stop working out. Here are 5 simple, quick and efficient workouts you can do anywhere. They’ll help you feel better, burn some calories and keep your goals on track!…

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The Two Things You HAVE to Know About Your Food

  In my last blog, we talked about the equation to get results. Results in terms of performance, aesthetics, or overall health and lifestyle. This equation involves three pieces: training, sleep and nutrition. One without the other two does not get you the results you desire. Today let’s assume training and sleep are on the right track so we can solely focus on the nutrition piece. Nutrition SHOULD be your priority, but it is often overlooked or brushed aside….

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Why You’re Not Seeing Results

  The term “results” can mean a lot of different things to different people when it comes to the gym and fitness. Common examples of results desired from a training program include: Weight/body fat loss Muscle gain Look better naked Improved lifts such as squat, deadlift, etc… Clothes fit better Improved biomarkers like blood pressure Enhanced energy and mood Improved cardiovascular endurance You get the idea. Everyone has their own “why” and that’s awesome! Is everyone seeing the results…

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Food Around Your Workouts

  Does timing your food intake around your workouts REALLY matter? Yes and no. If we look at a hierarchy of nutritional elements based on importance, timing falls 4th on the list of 5. This list goes: -Total calorie consumption -Macronutrient composition -Micronutrient composition -Meal timing -Supplements from The takeaway from this is that, yes it does matter, BUT if the first 3 things on that list are not up to par, we’ve got bigger issues to worry…

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A Fast Guide to Warmup Weights

Every training session is a measured dose of stress to the body. Just enough stress (combined of course with proper nutrition and recovery) and the body adapts and results ensue. Too little a dose means not enough stress and too large of a dose is too much stress for the body to handle. Either of these can stall or reverse your previously earned results. One way in which to produce too much or too little stress is unintentionally adding…

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