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At Brickhouse we are more than a membership, we are your partner. Our mission is to inspire, lead, and educate our clients to operate on a new level of fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition for optimal results and longevity. Our focus is on the athlete rather than just the workouts and you’ll experience consistency, well planned program design, community support, and results as our client.

We are laser focused on proper technique to create well rounded athletes who workout in a safe environment. Our 5 years of experience has made us the “grandfather” of CrossFit in the Roanoke and surrounding areas and we can’t wait for you to join the team!

We’ll start with a warm-up to get you moving, identify tight spots + get you working with your team. You’ll prepare your body and mind for the workout and will be coached every step of the way. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a novice trainee, our coaches will guide you through an experience that will keep you safe, challenge your perceptions of possible, and most importantly – deliver results. Each hour long class is richly packed, from beginning to end – so arrive on time, and prepare for a full-throttle experience.

We’d like you to experience what makes Brickhouse different and meet some of our coaches and athletes. Take us up on a FREE Trial Class by enrolling in a class that works for you in the right sidebar. We can’t wait to have you as our guest!

Until we meet, catch up on some of our core values and the parts that make up your training experience at Brickhouse.

Our values are at the base of everything we do. If you jive with these, chances are good that we’ll be great partners!


We believe that a deep sense of belonging is a critical component to fitness longevity. We are engaged, connected and build lasting relationships that support our clients positive lifestyle changes.


We are committed to delivering the best long term physical, mental, and emotional results for our clients that enhance every aspect of their lives and the lives of those they touch.


We believe in continuous improvement through education and constant evolution. We don’t sell based on fear or negativity about other people, groups, or fitness systems.


We deliver our services and conduct our business in an authentic, honest and professional manner.

Positive Action

We’re passionate about our profession and it is a major component of our own lives. We lead by example, take personal responsibility, and take care of ourselves, each other, and our environment.

Hey listen, this is Amanda, co-owner of Brickhouse. I’m thrilled you are considering Brickhouse as your partner in fitness. This is my love, my passion and where my heart lies. I want to bring people just like you in and set a stage for incredible results, an amazing hour of the day, and benefits that spread like wildfire throughout the rest of your life. I wanted to personally share with you some of the things we’ll be helping you with as you come on to the Brickhouse team. Take a look below and if you think we might be a fit, head over to our Getting Started page and let’s meet! Thanks for sharing your time with us and I hope to meet you very soon. – Amanda Forrester, Co-Owner and Enthusiast

A few things we’ll be helping you with:

A consistent plan of action – with classes schedules all day from 5:30am until late in the evening, you’ll be able to easily create a habit of working out consistently and having other team mates there holding you accountable. We also have goal based training that you and your coach can determine in each class what is right for you, your goals, and how you feel that day.

Coaching – we are so fortunate to have some amazing coaches at our disposal. They paved the way for CrossFit in Roanoke and were the first to coach this amazing sport. Most of them have been with us since day one in 2010 and continue to thrive and be inspired by their athletes results. They also happen to be pretty awesome CrossFit athletes themselves. Although, we believe that what makes you awesome is how you treat people. Not how many pull-ups you have or how big your biceps are.

Support system – if you read our values you’ll know that community is what brings it all together. We want you to train with us for 20 years, for your kids to grow up and train with us too. We develop relationships and by being in the Brickhouse community you’ll have access to a support system like none other that you’ve experienced (so our athletes say). We’d like to take credit for building it but honestly, we’ve just been fortunate enough to attract incredible people as clients and staff.

Some of the tools you’ll have at your disposal that are the foundation of your results:

Brickhouse Performance, our very own app, for use on your smart device that will guide your day to day training, your nutrition prescription, your advised water intake, sleeping habits and strength goals. You’ll enter some key individual data and your app will help you with warm up sets for strength, how much weight to use for conditioning movements and when needed – individual scaling options. This was built by us for our athletes. It is specific to Brickhouse training and the values we use to run our programs and get you the results we are so well known for. While this doesn’t take the place of individual coaching it does allow us to ensure individuals in our group sessions are getting the intended experience, dose response, and results from the training. Your coach will support and guide your way, your app will pull it all together.

Solid nutrition guidance that includes a e-book to get you started towards knowing what to eat and why and a private Facebook page where we coach our athletes on a more individual level with nutrition. We’ve written several very descriptive nutrition guides that meet individual goals from body recomposition to gaining muscle mass. In addition, we’ve partnered with Renaissance Periodization to offer Brickhouse members a discount on their customized diet templates. Our athletes are seeing amazing results with these templates and we can’t wait to share them with you!

We offer Open Gym as an option to your membership. Our facility can support multiple programs running at once and Open Gym is available for most of our open hours (typically 5:30am – 8:30pm). Rather than just being a facility for you to get some extra work in, we have written well thought out programs to attack weaknesses that you might want to work on like strength, gymnastics, endurance and several others that might help you reach your goals even faster.

We offer private, semi-private and exclusive coaching options if you have specific goals, are injured or simply and want the fast track. Individualized and custom programming will always breed the best possible results as it is geared to your specific imbalances and areas for improvement. We also identify your essence over time as an athlete and help you train there more often – meaning a more enjoyable and meditative training experience.

We offer several Specialty Courses each week to keep you on top of your game: Endurance, Mobility, Gymnastics, and Olympic Weightlifting.


Brickhouse CrossFit is right in the heart of one of the newest + urban neighborhoods of Downtown Roanoke – West Station. Our 12,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with professional Rogue garage gym equipment + matted for optimal strength and conditioning training. We also offer a mobility area as well as Male and Female locker rooms with showers for your convenience.


We have 30 on site parking spots accessed via Norfolk Ave as well as quick access to plenty of street parking on Salem.

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