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Three Keys to Lose More Body Fat

  The majority of people coming through our doors at Brickhouse CrossFit have a similar (at least on the surface) goal: weight loss.Some may want to see the number on the scale drop; others are more interested in the way their clothes fit or how they look in a bathing suit; still others just want to tone, lose fat and feel better! · All of these are related and they’ve come to the right place for help, but the…

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The Other 23 Hours

  Paul finished his workout in record time, crushing the metcon and feeling awesome about his performance. He sat on the floor for a few minutes, high-fived some fellow people in his 5:30am CrossFit group class and began to pack up his gear. No stretching, no recovery drink. Out the door he went. · Short on time, he headed home to shower and get to work. Sitting at work a couple hours later, he decided to have a small…

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Stop Looking at the Scale, Start Looking at Biofeedback

  When in a dieting phase, it can become all too common to continuously look at the number on the scale. After all, we’re trying to LOSE weight, right? · We base our perception of progress on whether the scale has gone up or down each day. · “Down 1.5lbs….yes! This is totally working!” Next day, “Up 1lb…ahh what is going on, I was doing so great?” · And the emotional roller-coaster continues in this fashion, adding tremendous stress…

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Why You’re Not Seeing Results

  The term “results” can mean a lot of different things to different people when it comes to the gym and fitness. Common examples of results desired from a training program include: Weight/body fat loss Muscle gain Look better naked Improved lifts such as squat, deadlift, etc… Clothes fit better Improved biomarkers like blood pressure Enhanced energy and mood Improved cardiovascular endurance You get the idea. Everyone has their own “why” and that’s awesome! Is everyone seeing the results…

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