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CrossFit for Weight Loss: 3 Things You Need to Know

  One of the amazing traits of CrossFit is that it has so many applications to such a wide range of people. Wanna build strength and muscle? CrossFit · Training for a 10k? CrossFit · Looking to lose body fat and see the scale drop? CrossFit It’s such a versatile program that can be used for virtually any goal or area of life. And it can adapted to fit anyone in their current level of fitness! So why do…

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Stop Looking at the Scale, Start Looking at Biofeedback

  When in a dieting phase, it can become all too common to continuously look at the number on the scale. After all, we’re trying to LOSE weight, right? · We base our perception of progress on whether the scale has gone up or down each day. · “Down 1.5lbs….yes! This is totally working!” Next day, “Up 1lb…ahh what is going on, I was doing so great?” · And the emotional roller-coaster continues in this fashion, adding tremendous stress…

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What You Need To Know About Low-Calorie Diets

  If you’ve battled with weight loss or even had isolated periods of trying to lose that pesky 10-15 pounds, you’ve likely been on some sort of calorie-restrictive diet. · And it’s no secret that that’s how we lose weight – we put ourselves in a calorie deficit – meaning we are burning more calories than we are taking in. It’s just the physics of weight loss. · But what actually happens after we’re in a calorie deficit for…

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Bathroom Stuff: Fix Your Digestion and Gut Health

If you’re struggling with digestion and overall gut health, you’re not alone. ·⠀ With the way our agriculture and food supply systems have been moving, more and more people are being affected to a greater degree.⠀ ·⠀ The application of Round Up to vegetables; the antibiotics and hormones that go into the animals we eat. ·⠀ These things are going to eventually (if not already) take a toll on our gut biome. ·⠀ Add to that other lifestyle and…

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Eating 1,300 Calories Per Day is Not Okay

If you’re struggling to lose weight, I’m betting you’re not eating enough. Crazy, right? · 8 out of 10 people who come to me for nutrition coaching are not eating enough food. · They have tried multiple diets over the years, all with the same underlying theme of calorie restriction, and have built a lifestyle around eating TOO LITTLE. Natural cleanse procedures also help prepare the body for a new diet. · The problem is, they don’t believe they’re…

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