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How To: Stay Motivated

  We’ve all been there. We start a new routine, a new diet or gym streak and we feel like we’re on top of the world. Our energy is up and we feel super accomplished. Our momentum is high and we’re on a roll. And then it crashes. A day off from the gym turns into five. A cheat meal turns into a cheat week. Before we know it, the momentum is gone and we feel like we’re right…

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How To Fuel the Open

  We all want to crush the Open these next five weeks, right?! Let’s put ourselves on the right track with nutrition. First remember the hierarchy of food importance that we should keep in mind: Total Calories Macronutrients Micronutrients FOOD TIMING Supplements Calories are always at the top of the list and that is the most important thing during these five weeks; making sure you’re eating ENOUGH food to fuel your performances. Food timing, while fourth on the list,…

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