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Break Through Your Plateau

We’ve all been there. The time when progress seems like it has come to a standstill. · The lifts stop going up, the weight loss comes to a halt, the inches around the waistline hold steady. · The dreaded plateau. What gives? · In order to break through our plateau and continue the journey toward gains, weight loss, or whatever it is we desire, it’s important to understand the “Why” behind the lack of progress. · Honestly, sometimes it’s…

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Winning the War on Ripped Hands

  You come off the bar, excited for the toes-to-bar or pull-up reps you’ve just accomplished.⠀ ·⠀ But then you look down at your hands, and your fingers and palms are not so happy. The dreaded ripped hands.⠀ ·⠀ This can be a badge of honor for the younger CrossFitter, but what it truly becomes is annoying and painful! ·⠀ It also can hinder our overall training if we have to modify things the rest of the week to…

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The Answer: Brickhouse

CrossFit is one of the best exercise programs for long-term, sustainable results; especially for those looking for body fat or weight loss and people just looking to lose inches around the waist or other areas of the body. But why? · It’s not magic and we don’t do anything that hasn’t already been done. · We do cardio. We run, bike, row, we skip rope. Nothing new or unheard of. · We lift weights, whether it be barbells, dumbbells,…

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Workout Finished – What and When Do I Eat?

  You finish up your workout, hang out with friends at the gym for 15-30min and then head home. Maybe you stop somewhere on the way, taking care of some errands and whatnot.⠀ · Once home, you start to think about dinner. Maybe you’re going to try a new recipe. By the time you finally sit down to eat, it’s 2-3 hours after your workout. ·⠀ Two things that we can dial in and improve upon in this scenario:…

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Beginning the RIGHT Way

  You look across the gym floor and see “Bill” lifting X weight and say to yourself, “I’m like Bill, I can lift that!” You don’t realize Bill has been at the gym for 4 years.⠀ ·⠀ The next thing you know, you’ve got X weight on your bar and you’re struggling to maintain form; overall mechanics decrease, your focus shifts from quality to simply “getting the weight up”, and your workout and training has now shifted into more…

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Let’s Get That First Pull-Up

The vast majority of people starting CrossFit can’t do one pull-up. If you’re in that boat, don’t feel bad! We build this into our program and have seen countless people achieve this goal over the years. · The act of pulling your body weight up and above an object is empowering and signifies that you are able to overcome your body’s mass from a pulling standpoint. · The strict pull-up with pronated grip (hands facing away) requires and builds…

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