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Win Your Day, Win Your Life: 5 Simple Keys

Everybody loves to win, right? That feeling of accomplishment never gets old; for some, it becomes an adrenaline rush. We get addicted. We seek it out. · This is not necessarily a bad thing; unless we let it be. Physically we’re not going to be able to “win” at everything. But within our minds and our frames of perception, we can ALWAYS win. We can find the positive in every negative and learn to frame everything as a “win”….

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If You Can Breathe, You Can Do CrossFit

  CrossFit is for you. · It was designed to make your life better. To make it easier to: ✅Get up and down the stairs without pain ✅Play with your children and grandchildren ✅Sit down on the toilet everyday ✅Enjoy feeling strong and independent · And the list can go on and on. · See, CrossFit is everything and CrossFit is nothing. There are no rules that say we have to do this or do that. · It’s simply…

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