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Why You’re Not Seeing Results

  The term “results” can mean a lot of different things to different people when it comes to the gym and fitness. Common examples of results desired from a training program include: Weight/body fat loss Muscle gain Look better naked Improved lifts such as squat, deadlift, etc… Clothes fit better Improved biomarkers like blood pressure Enhanced energy and mood Improved cardiovascular endurance You get the idea. Everyone has their own “why” and that’s awesome! Is everyone seeing the results…

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Habits and Why You Need More of Them

  hab·it noun plural noun: habits a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. ______________________________________ As I think about IMPACT and different ways to create value for our athletes, members and clients, I find myself asking ‘Why?’ quite often. Why do some people join the gym and then leave a few months later? Why do others stay at the gym for years and come 5 days per week? Why do some people go…

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Weight Loss and Why Your Workouts Aren’t Helping

Before we begin, I want to lay out the “triangle of awareness” when it comes to our focus in the gym. Some athletes have performance goals – they want to get better at their sport, PR their deadlift, run a 10k, etc…. Other athletes come to us with aesthetic goals – they want to lose weight, cut body fat, look a certain way, or fit into different clothes sizes. Thirdly, some athletes simply have lifestyle goals – they want…

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How To Be Successful – At Anything!

Typing that title just put a lot of pressure on me to deliver something amazing to you, didn’t it? Whew, okay here we go. First off, what does it even mean to be successful? Are we talking money, a big job with fancy benefits, an impressive resume, a cute family, nice house…what does the term “successful” actually entail? In my mind, we all define our OWN success. Not letting others or society in general define you as successful or…

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