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My Story and My “Why” for Brickhouse

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I want to help people live better lives. At Brickhouse we use fitness and nutrition to help people be healthier, happier, more confident and, most importantly, live amazing lives. That’s where we are now, in 2020. But I want to back up a few years and give you the story that led me here and the things that have been created in order to have this life transformation engine we call Brickhouse. Brickhouse CrossFit was…

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Coach Brittany, RN Saving Lives With Exercise and Nutrition

I am a Registered Nurse, CrossFit Coach, and Personal Trainer. And now, under the training and guidance of Healthy Steps Nutrition, I am a Nutrition Coach. This triad can be huge for helping people create sustainable habits that can impact their health and fitness with long term success.  What does that mean? I can help guide you to change your life. As an RN, I care for patients battling chronic disease and addiction. Addiction comes in many forms, the…

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Three Keys to Lose More Body Fat

  The majority of people coming through our doors at Brickhouse CrossFit have a similar (at least on the surface) goal: weight loss.Some may want to see the number on the scale drop; others are more interested in the way their clothes fit or how they look in a bathing suit; still others just want to tone, lose fat and feel better! · All of these are related and they’ve come to the right place for help, but the…

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