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5 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Can’t make it to a gym? Have zero equipment? Short on time? No problem! You can still get some fitness in. While training in a group environment or personal training under the close eye of a coach is the best way to train, sometimes we just can’t make that happen. But don’t let that stop you! Here are 5 days (a full week of travel!) of workouts that use only body weight or household objects to get a great…

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CrossFit + Nutrition = Results

There is a thing I didn’t advertise when I started CrossFit and really began training hard in 2014. All my friends saw was that I was working out twice per day, 6:30am and 6:30pm and that I was obsessed with exercise. Well, I was! But the thing I didn’t talk about enough, and I should have, is that I completely overhauled my diet at the time. I went from eating whatever I felt like at the time – along…

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Coach Brittany, RN Saving Lives With Exercise and Nutrition

I am a Registered Nurse, CrossFit Coach, and Personal Trainer. And now, under the training and guidance of Healthy Steps Nutrition, I am a Nutrition Coach. This triad can be huge for helping people create sustainable habits that can impact their health and fitness with long term success.  What does that mean? I can help guide you to change your life. As an RN, I care for patients battling chronic disease and addiction. Addiction comes in many forms, the…

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