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Mel immediately loved the atmosphere when she walked into Brickhouse CrossFit for the first time over six years ago. She knew this was where she needed to be. The main thing she likes to see from athletes is that they are OK taking the good days with the bad and using what they’ve learned or accomplished that day as a positive. She knows that there’s always something to be thankful for and finding that with each workout, even if it’s just showing up, is the key to being your best.


Mel loves being able to motivate and encourage athletes. She likes to take away the pressure of the need to be the absolute best every day. She says that it’s not always about hitting a PR…Sometimes it’s just about walking into the gym and being there that day. She finds that with most athletes, removing the pressure and anxiety of hitting a certain number, whether it’s the prescribed weight or movement, and instead focusing on quality tends to make for a better workout all around. Constantly obsessing over a PR and allowing it to be the main focus isn’t healthy. She believes that drive is a good thing, but obsessing is not. Once solid patterns have been obtained then the PR day comes later. She also encourages athletes to work on their goals outside of class. She’s always around and willing to answer any questions even if she’s not coaching.


Coaching Credentials:
CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)
Adult (and Pet) CPR certified


Athletic Background:


Roanoke, Virginia


Applied Science Degree (BRCC)


Fun Facts:
Favorite Lift: Cleans (hang, power, squat)
Favorite WOD: Anything with running! Nancy and Jerry are two of her favorites.
Before CrossFit Mel says she ran like Forrest Gump. She’s completed half and full marathons.
Mel and her boyfriend have two dogs, Ham and Sakè Sushi, and if there was a way to incorporate animals into CrossFit, that would make her day.