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Matthew has been working out since I was old enough to drive himself to the gym. He had found a flier for a power lifting competition and that is where his competitive career started. After years of competition, he decided that he wanted to try something a little more challenging. He ended up giving bodybuilding a try and continued with that for about five years. Eventually, his younger brother asked him to join him in a CrossFit workout and Matthew says he almost died. Obviously, he was immediately hooked and never looked back. He has been doing CrossFit for approximately five and a half years and still loves to compete.


Matthew loves to help others improve their lives, which is why he loves to coach. He believes that how you structure your mind in the gym will help you conquer your life outside of the gym. Breaking your day into manageable chunks, setting attainable goals and surrounding yourself with a positive group of people will greatly increase your chance for success. Additionally, seeing people get a movement or hit a lift for the first time is very invigorating for him.


Matthew recently moved to Roanoke from Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Whitney, and their dog and cat. They are enjoying exploring the hiking trails and festivals that Roanoke has to offer.


Coaching Credentials:
CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


Athletic Background:
Body Building
Power Lifting


Findlay, Ohio


Massage Therapist since 2009

Fun Facts:
Favorite Lift: Snatch
Favorite WOD: Diane