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Donald got into Weightlifting through CrossFit. He said that he doubts he ever would have known Weightlifting was a sport if it hadn’t been for CrossFit.


Donald says, “I enjoy coaching for the same reason that I enjoy teaching and the general aspect of working with people. I love when the light bulb comes on for an individual and you see that “Ah-Ha” moment on their face. It is priceless and seeing a person apply new lessons and reap the benefits in their training and lives. It is def fun to watch.”


Coaching Credentials:
USAW Sports Performance Coach


Athletic background:
Track – Sprinter/Thrower






Elkhart, IN


Fun Facts:
Favorite Lift – Snatch

Favorite WOD: Donald had more than a little input on this. We felt it important to share!

“Top 3 WODS lifetime that challenged my carbon-based lifeforce?

1. Badger

2. Kalsu (yep…. go look this one up)

3. a. Murph

b. Fran”

Fun Fact: Donald played violin for most of his life. He can actually carry a tune. You may find him singing to you in the gym…you never know when this guy is around!