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 After graduation, Channing had a hard time finding that competitive outlet that she had when playing softball. During college, and after, she had tried to be more active and healthier. She was introduced to CrossFit through a friend and after her first class, she was hooked. She found that CrossFit gave her that competitive outlet that she had been missing.


There are a lot of things Channing enjoys about coaching. If she had to choose just one, it would be seeing athletes blossoming into more confident versions of themselves. She says that it’s great to see someone get stronger and healthier, but she really loves the impact CrossFit has on the mental/emotional side of health as well. She thinks CrossFit does that in many ways…  It challenges the individual physically with different workouts, and when they complete them they have proved to themselves they could get through the most challenging tasks. To Channing, the community also plays a major role in improving and supporting a person’s mental/emotional health. She knows that the CrossFit community motivates and celebrates each person’s individual accomplishments in the gym and outside of it, and also gives a person the opportunity to positively connect with others in so many ways.


To motivate and inspire athletes, Channing tries to be supportive by being encouraging during workouts, but also help push athletes to appropriately challenge themselves with either lifting more weight than they thought they could or encouraging them to try a new progression of a movement. She tries to cultivate an environment that anyone can come into no matter what stress they may have, leave it at the door, and spend an hour on themselves. For most people, the majority of their day is spent caring for others and Channing wants the hour they’ve taken for themselves to be fun and centered around them and their needs that day.


Coaching Credentials/Certifications

  • CF L-1
  • Adult and Child First Aid/CPR/AED certified


Athletic Background

  • Softball



  • Roanoke, VA



  • B.S. Health and Physical Education (Concord University)
  • M.S. Exercise Science and Health Promotion (California University of Pennsylvania)


Work Experience:

  • Channing is a Physical Education Teacher at Cave Spring Elementary School.


Fun Facts:

  • Favorite Lift: Snatch
  • Favorite WOD: Karen
  • Channing and her husband, John, have 3 dogs and 2 cats
  • While not teaching P.E. or CrossFit, she likes to color.