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Casey and his wife, Renee, were introduced to CrossFit through a couple of Renee’s friends. He had developed some bad habits during and after college and had a hard time getting back into the gym to do the same “old” stuff. They decided to check it out and once they started, they were hooked.

Casey loves coaching because he is able to help people become better versions of themselves, while watching them do something that they never thought they could. He says that motivation varies from athlete to athlete. Some people want to be yelled at (him) and others prefer a more positive method of motivation. He usually starts somewhere in the middle and sees how each person reacts.


Casey tries to inspire athletes by example. He makes an effort to be positive even if he is frustrated with a workout or his performance and he always strives for quality movement standards. He believes that it’s hard to get people to listen to your coaching if they see you shorting reps and/or movements.


Coaching Credentials:
CrossFit L1 Certification (CF-L1)


Athletic background:


Born in Fremont, CA and moved to Alleghany County, VA as a kid


James Madison University


Fun Facts:
Favorite Lift – Snatch
Favorite WOD – Diane
Casey and his wife are high school sweethearts.