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Adam was introduced to CrossFit by a friend that he had run a few marathons with. He was skeptical at first but tried a free class at Brickhouse CrossFit when it was the only CrossFit gym in Roanoke. The workout that day was 10 minutes of as many rounds as possible of 10 deadlifts and 10 burpees. The coaches informed him that no one had gotten more than six rounds. Adam was able to beat that and in turn, was hooked.

Adam loves the members at Brickhouse CrossFit. In particular, he enjoys the reactions to a new Personal Record (PR), the reaction when someone finally “gets” a new movement, and he loves the energy the class creates and builds. It reminds him of how the gym was at VMI during offseason conditioning.

Adam’s goal is to motivate and inspire his classes. He wants everyone to be safe, have fun, and get a sweat. He believes that if coming to the gym is a chore, you’ll never get the results you want out of it. Adam likes to crank the music, scream, yell, clap etc. He gets hyped up when he sees people getting after it!


Coaching Credentials:
CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


Athletic Background:
Indoor and Outdoor Track


Born in Columbus Ohio grew up in Roanoke, Va.


Economics Degree from VMI
Certified Financial Planner™ designation form Ohio State.


Work Experience:
Adam is a Financial Advisor. He is an owner and partner of FocusOne Integrated Financial Planning. Adam enjoys working with people and helping them develop a plan and execute it as efficiently as possible. He says that there are actually more parallels in physical fitness and “financial fitness” than most people think.


Fun Facts:
Favorite Lift: Clean and Jerk I really enjoy explosive movements.
Favorite WOD: Grace
Adam went to VMI on a football scholarship where he was a two time all conference punter and he still holds a few big south records.