Exclusive Coaching

To us it’s simple. While group coaching is designed to meet the needs of a large and varied community, when it comes to achieving specific goals the fastest, nothing beats individualized training and lifestyle design – exclusive coaching.

Increased energy, reduced body stress, motivation and longevity of training are just some of the benefits of exclusive coaching. We all have different energy system needs, goals, day to day schedules and demands. To sum it up, your fitness should INVIGORATE and support you, NOT deplete you. With exclusive coaching we introduce you to an individualized program design, nutrition prescription and life management strategies to enhance your personal performance and hit your goals much faster.

We’d recommend this level of coaching to anyone who wants to improve performance, sustain energy and lose body fat, is new to training, wants to enjoy the process of training again, is recovering from an injury or has chronic pain, and/or is committed to longevity.

All levels of exclusive coaching include individualized exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition prescription with ongoing correspondence support, plus virtual or in person consultations every 6 weeks. Whether you live in the Roanoke area or beyond, we have a system in place that works for your location, needs and goals. We have the opportunity for you to train on-site at our facility or at your current preferred training location.

We utilize Optimal Performance Training (OPT) systems and CrossFit methodologies to customize a plan and partnership that is right for you. To start working with Amanda or Jay, contact Bryan below.

If you feel you just need a consultation without ongoing coaching, Amanda also offers that option. She provides consultation on:

– Setting personal, fitness and lifestyle goals

– Further understanding performance objectives

– Helping support and clarify direction

– Lifestyle design and organization

For more information on our exclusive coaching programs or to get started contact us here:

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