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New to CrossFit? We’ve Still Got You Covered.
Brickhouse Entrance Fundamentals

Brickhouse Entrance Fundamentals is a comprehensive and structured two-week introductory package to not only CrossFit but also our facility and community. All new athletes will be provided with three (3) one-on-one entrance-training sessions during the first week from one of our experienced and knowledgeable coaches. Through these sessions, information about our facility and programming, goal setting, and most importantly functional movement instruction will be provided. Each personalized session will introduce the most common movements performed in our training system. Direct attention from our entrance model will prepare you to participate and experience CrossFit classes of your choice during the second week of your trial. At the conclusion of this two-week period, we discuss your experience and whether Brickhouse CrossFit is a good fit for you and your fitness journey.

This package includes individualized training, class enrollment, and a true and guided entrance into Brickhouse CrossFit, all with no pressured commitment beyond the two weeks!

Price: $99