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Why You’re Not Seeing Results

  The term “results” can mean a lot of different things to different people when it comes to the gym and fitness. Common examples of results desired from a training program include: Weight/body fat loss Muscle gain Look better naked Improved lifts such as squat, deadlift, etc… Clothes fit better Improved biomarkers like blood pressure Enhanced energy and mood Improved cardiovascular endurance You get the idea. Everyone has their own “why” and that’s awesome! Is everyone seeing the results…

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New Years CrossFit Trial

At Brickhouse we have a 7 year track record of taking normal everyday people and turning them into extraordinary humans: physically dominant, mentally tough, and simply better at life, with the use of different techniques and exercises as pilates and crossfit. This year give the gift of health and fitness. Give it to yourself, someone you love, or both! We are offering our first ever Trial Membership that includes an Introductory Session ($150 value), 6 Weeks of Classes ($250…

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TRI Strength Training: True Relative Intensity

If you want to maximize your strength progress in our new system, it’s critical that you use the updated Brickhouse Performance to plug in your results each day, and subsequently use the weights it tells you to use rather than manually calculating your sets based on past maxes. Each strength session, you plug in the highest weight you did and the number of reps you performed at that weight. This in turn calculates a new training max for you,…

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