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Road to the CrossFit Masters Vol 4: Frustration and Re-focus

Today marks 5 1/2 months post surgery. The above left shows the total amount of flexion I can get with the index and middle finger, right shows the total amount of extension I can get with the middle finger. The index finger extends fully. There is still a lack of sensation in the index and middle fingers making fine motor skills like clipping fingernails, cutting food, or double unders rather challenging. The best way to describe it is like…

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Athlete Profile: Mark Pace

While CrossFit may be known to outsiders as an “intense” workout, it’s scalability attracts a range of ages to the sport – from kids to seniors. While not a senior, Mark Pace is among Brickhouse CrossFit’s large base of master’s athletes (40+). Mark is 46, which he says is “hard to forget after burpee box jumps on my birthday!” Mark found Brickhouse CrossFit about three years ago after friends told him, ”If you really want a tough workout, join Brickhouse…

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Road to the CrossFit Masters Vol 3: Gratitude, Body Re-comp, Icecream and Chocolate Chip Waffles

Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but things have been crazy down at la casa de Brick. (Who can get this reference?) Since last time, we’ve had 5 staff members hit the road and our main man Adam Dickerson suffered a fully collapsed lung. It goes without saying there have been some long work days and lots of change to manage. So I have a great excuse for missing workouts right?…

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Masters Division Added to the Brickhouse Classic, July 19th

Our masters athletes have spoken and we have added a Masters Division for athletes age 40+ to the Brickhouse Classic, Commonwealth Games of Virginia on Saturday, July 19th. The masters division will perform the scheduled novice workouts and scores will be comparative with athletes 40+. We have a large representation from the Brickhouse community, who else will join us? To register and get event details follow this link and use code CLASSIC for 25% off ticket price: Registration…

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Brickhouse Fit: A New High-Intensity Conditioning Program in Roanoke, VA

This is not your boot camp. Brickhouse CrossFit, home of the Original CrossFit in Roanoke, Virginia is now offering a new high-intensity conditioning program, Brickhouse Fit. Call us today (540)632-2045 or email to sign up! We are offering a Founding Member offer for those who sign up before June 14th. Just email us at to let us know you want to be a Brickhouse Fit member and we’ll take it from there. Classes start on Monday, June…

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