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Recap of CrossFit Games 2014

This week at Brickhouse CrossFit we are gearing up for the first qualifying step to the CrossFit Games, The Open, during Friday Night Lights. Please register to participate in the Open and choose Brickhouse as your affiliate AND team: The CrossFit Games Open is an opportunity for EVERYONE to participate in a world-wide CrossFit event and celebrate the sport we have all come to love. The power of everyone around the world doing the same workouts week by…

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Let’s Talk About Sleep, Baby

Contributed by Adam Dickerson, Brickhouse CrossFit Coach You feel sluggish and the PR’s are no longer happening. Nutrition is one area to check – but also playing a part is how much shut eye you are getting. Coach Adam walks us through the difference you may see by making sleep a priority in your recovery mix.

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Meet Reese, the Brickhouse CrossFit Hype Man

Superman is known for being the Man of Steel, but still having a gentle persona. The same could be said for Phillip Reese, the powerhouse athlete and Brickhouse CrossFit hype man. Known as Reese around the box, he is the creator of “LFG,” a rallying cry to pump up his fellow athletes. A Bluefield, West Virginia native, Reese was a Division II collegiate football player and coach for 17 years. But after leaving football, he admits to becoming lazy…

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Project Iron Angel: For Women’s Eyes Only

Project Iron Angel has been back in swing at Brickhouse and just finished up the first six week series. I’ve had the opportunity to not only program for these fierce women but also train with them on several occasions. The energy that they bring at an unreal early time on Saturdays (ok, I admit 8am may not be unreal to most of the world) is contagious. Our women’s coaching team brings it each Saturday and delivers my crazy programming…

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