Welcome to the team


Brickhouse CrossFit is a World-Class CrossFit Box located in the new West Station District in Downtown Roanoke. We are the first CrossFit in the Roanoke Valley and we take an innovative, integrated approach towards attaining real world fitness.

In our facility we offer a broad, general and inclusive training program that is suitable for any level of fitness. In our gym, we have pull-up bars, ropes, rings, free weights and kettle bells. We have rowing machines and jump ropes. Most importantly, we have world-class coaches who teach movements, coach form, educate and inspire group workouts all day long. Our program is based on CrossFit methodology. This means we follow a program consisting of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high-intensity. Functional movements are organic in nature, innate to our DNA and essential to our quality of life and independent living. Functional movements have the unique ability to move large loads, long distances, and accomplish the task very quickly. Intensity is where we gain results and accomplish goals unique to the individual. We train for longevity, we train for health and most of all, and we train for a better quality of life across all areas.


The coaches at Brickhouse CrossFit are built from a diverse background with over 25 years of combined experience! We are a team, but more importantly, we are a family of coaches bred from an array of athletic backgrounds. Passionate, caring and sharing a common goal of wanting to spread CrossFit the right way, we are committed to continuing Coach Glassman’s (CrossFit Founder) unique message. As a coaching staff, we are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing you to thrive, not just survive. We are invested in taking care of you, helping you understand your goals, needs and wants. We take pride in helping you to enjoy life. We are in the business of getting you prepared for any obstacle or task life may throw at you, so you can enjoy what you do freely. There is no parallel to the environment that is Brickhouse CrossFit. We love to interact with the community. YOU, each and every one of you, are part of our family and we are determined to increase the quality of your life and level of fitness. The passion of our coaching staff is infectious. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed every time you step into the gym, and encourage you to perform at your highest capacity. Individual sessions are available upon request. Listed below are links to personally contact the coaching staff for private training. We are all different in our own way with a variety of experience to share. Bios coming soon.


The team environment at Brickhouse CrossFit is infectious. You’ll notice from the minute you walk through the door you are part of the team. The accountability, camaraderie and support goes a long way in the results you can expect to see. Your coaches and team mates know when you aren’t here and will be checking in with you if you go too long without attending. During your workouts you’ll hear others cheering you on and we hope you’ll do the same. You’ll end with high fives and the occasional hug feeling accomplished by the tasks you completed.

Meet some of our athletes and see what they love about Brickhouse.