2017 Nutrition Challenge Details

Image credit: Renaissance Periodization Understanding Healthy Eating eBook.

We’re kicking off 2017 with our Annual Nutrition Challenge! Whether you need to start fresh and learn healthy eating habits that fuel your body or you just need a little kick in the ass to get back on track, this will do it. This year there is a partner and scoring component as well as pre and post measurements of:

Body Fat
Blood Pressure
Resting Heart Rate
Fitness Benchmark: FRAN
Body Measurements

We will also offer two paths for participation:

Getting Started – Recommended for those who have never followed a structured nutrition plan and don’t want to measure your foods. It’s a great first exposure to cleaning up your diet. Eat foods that fuel you not deplete you! That’s it, work towards cleaning up your diet habits and learning how to prepare healthy meals. Your list of foods to eat and foods to avoid are near the bottom of this post.

Advanced – Recommended for those who have experience with macros and are interested in dialing them in and focusing on timing of meals.

Purchase your Renaissance Diet Auto Template here.

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Here’s all the details you need to participate.


1. Choose a path and find a partner on the same path. If you don’t have a partner, we can assign you one or post up in the Facebook group. We’re all about the teamwork!
2. Sign-up in class or by using the form at the bottom of this page by Saturday, January 7th.
3. Join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share updates, and be part of the fun!
4. Attend the Kick-Off at Brickhouse on Saturday, January 7th for your pre challenge measurements and Q&A. See more information below for details about the kick-off and what to do if you can’t be here.
5. Drop off your $10 cash buy-in at the front desk by Monday, January 9th. All cash will be held for the Challenge Champs at the end!
6. Mark your calendar for end of challenge measurements and celebration – Saturday, February 4th. We’ll follow the same schedule with measurements starting at 8AM and FRAN at 9:30. Then we’ll have a celebration at Soaring Ridge Saturday evening at 6PM to announce the Challenge Champs!
7. Once you have all of your measurements, update the Pre Challenge Measurement Form with your data. All data is private and will not be shared. If you take your own before photo, hold on to it. Amanda will call for submissions next week. You’ll need it for points! This link will also be on the private FB group page for later reference.
8. Have fun!!!

KICK-OFF, Saturday, January 7th

8:00 – 9:30AM: Measurements – skinfold (body fat), resting heart rate, blood pressure, weight, bust,upper arm, waist and hip measurements, before photos
9:30 – 10:30AM: Complete FRAN for time, 21-15-9 Thrusters, Pullups. Make sure to add your score to Brickhouse Performance under CrossFit Benchmarks.
10:30 – 11:30AM: Challenge Overview and Q&A

Pre measurements will be a community effort! Jay will be taking 3-fold body fat measurements and tools to take your blood pressure, resting heart rate, weight, body measurements and photos will be available for you and your partner. Ideally you perform all measurements before your workout.

If you are unable to attend the kick-off, all of the tools will be available for you and your partner to take your own measurements starting Thursday, January 5th through all of next week. There will be a sheet at the front desk for you to sign up for a 3-fold bf test next week with Coach Channing during evening hours. You can test your FRAN time during any class time in open gym (whether you have open gym or not) and it is best if you get this done on or by Monday. We won’t be counting reps but we do ask that someone is with you when you do your FRAN test, either doing it with you or cheering you on!


1. You will have a chance to accumulate points daily and teams will be ranked weekly. The week will run from Monday – Sunday. At the end of the week teams will accumulate points based on your rank. So if we have 20 teams, the first place team will receive 20 points and the last place team 1 point. Every week you have a chance to accumulate points based on your performance that week. The team with the most points at the end of the competition are the Challenge Champs!
2. We will have an automated score sheet for you to track and will provide that link on Sunday via Brickhouse Performance notifications and the Facebook group.

You’ll start each day with 10 points.

Subtract Points For:

Getting Started
-1 for EACH off-limits food you eat. Example: In one day if you have a glass of milk for breakfast, a slice of pizza for lunch and a beer (12oz or less) with dinner your total subtracted points are -3.

-1 for EVERY meal you miss prescribed on your template (does not include bedtime meal 6). Example: You eat all 5 meals as planned from your template but casein protein does not settle well at night and you skip meal 6 your total subtracted points are 0. If you miss one of the 5 meals your subtracted points are -1.
-1 for EVERY time you substitute a prescribed whole meal with a supplement meal (Ex. protein shake when your template calls for a meal not shake)
-1 for EVERY cocktail, 12 oz beer or 6oz glass of wine

Add Points For:

All Paths
+10 for sharing a presentation of you and your partners results (via writing, collage, powerpoint or slideshow – any medium is fine!)
+5 for submitting your BEFORE measurements on time, including photo
+5 for submitting your AFTER measurements on time, including photo
+3 for every scheduled CrossFit class you attend at Brickhouse
+2 for improved FRAN time
+2 for each measurement improved (body fat, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body measurements, weight)
+1 for 10+ minutes of ROMWOD that day
+1 for an hour of fitness related activity (hike, play, a sport, run, lift, open gym)
+1 for every challenge friendly recipe you share with the FB group page

Note that if you do not submit your measurements and photos, you are not considered a participant. All data will be kept private. If we would like to use your story to inspire others, we will ask for specific permission.


What Can You Eat?

* Proteins- Beef/steak, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, natural whey protein, etc.
* Vegetables- Lots of them and extra kudos for greens! Limit or eliminate white potatoes.
* Fruit – if your goals are to really lean out though, limit this to a serving or less per day
* Nuts – (For this challenge we will allow: Almond butter, cashew butter, macadamia nut butter). Peanuts are a legume, not a nut, so NO peanut butter.
* Seeds (Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chai seeds, flaxseed)
* Brown Rice, quinoa, whole grain oats – in moderation
* Coconut oil in moderation
* Olive oil in moderation
* Black coffee – coconut creamers allowed as long as no sugar
* PURE dark chocolate (in moderation…like ½ a bar a week. Don’t go crazy :))

What Is Off Limits?

* Bread – any kind, including gluten free
* Pasta – any kind, including gluten free
* Dairy (With exception of grass fed butter in moderation)
* Sugar — honey, delicious bourbon maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut crystals, artificial sweeteners of any kind (stevia, equal, etc.)
* Alcohol – Just test yourself!!! (Each beer (12 oz.), each glass of wine (6 oz.), each cocktail, is -1 point)
* Beans
* Most starches (sweet potatoes are ok)
* Grains – instant oatmeal, granola, (brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain oats are ok for this challenge in moderation – remember there are no nutrients)
* Vegetable and canola oil
* Soy

Post WOD Recovery

* Within 30 minutes of working out you are allowed to have protein powder, RXBar or equivalent (refer to off-limit ingredients), FitAid, and amino acid supplements.

Special Dietary Adjustments

If you have special dietary needs or practices (e.g. vegan), please let us know and we will adjust the structure for you. While a devout, people seem to love it for beer and liquor is understandable, it most certainly does not count as a special dietary need…sorry folks.

A great resource for everyone is Whole30. While the requirements for this challenge are not as tight as the Whole30 guidelines, you will find many similarities and great resources for your 4 week journey!


Purchase your RP Diet Auto Template as soon as possible. It takes time to understand it and read through all the literature that comes with it. READ the literature. You’ll need time to digest it. We will be able to answer questions on Saturday. https://ob262.isrefer.com/go/rp_templates/brickhousecf/

Use code BRICKHOUSE10 to get $10 off.

Workout Carbs and Supplements

The RP diet templates call for workout carbs. Many people combine their protein shake and workout carbs while others have a protein shake and workout carbs separate but consume them at the same time. While we understand the benefit of using workout carbs to grow lean body mass they are usually the first thing we recommend to remove from your diet if we can tell you are not taking well to them. Athletes with the best results from using workout carbs are 100% strict with their other meals and already have a fairly low body fat percentage (22% or less). We do suggest you try it in your first week as it will assist with energy during your workouts and cravings that both seem to be a challenge for beginners to nutrition. We recommend using a more natural source of carbs like fruit juice or coconut water for your workouts instead of Gatorade, Tang, Country Time, or KoolAid. Many supplement company’s also offer products that combine things you need and include carbohydrates. Those are fine. The most important thing for Advanced is to get your advised macro nutrients on target.

Our favorite protein powders and supplements are:

Stronger Faster Healthier – Both their whey protein and performance supplements are great and blend really well. The SFH Coconut Fuel sells out often.

True Nutrition – For more advanced supplement users. Lots of customization and bulk orders.

Lastly, you will want to invest in a food scale if you don’t already have one. It doesn’t need to be fancy. You’ll want a Tare function and be able to switch between units. The EatSmart Precision Pro Scale is a great one to start with.


We love the excitement and commitment level that we see when we do this as a community. While we believe good nutrition isn’t a 4 week challenge thing, this is a great way to kick start habits for the year. We’ve seen some incredible results over the last seven years of challenges in just 28 days!

We also know this can be daunting. You have us to lean on. We believe in you and know that you can do anything and trust that the habits you build, new recipes you learn and the way you feel will continue on for a lifetime. That’s what this is about.

Let’s have some fun, accumulate points, and see who rises to the top! Thankfully, we all come out winners but Challenge Champs is a way better name!

Each participant will need to sign-up. You’ll list your partner (or ask for assignment) on the form but that will not confirm their participation.