Athlete Profile: Rob Gum

Rob discovered Brickhouse CrossFit about two years ago, and it was through the Olympic lifting aspect of CrossFit that intrigued him most. One day while talking with Coach Adam Dickerson about WODs and CrossFit it occurred to Rob to begin focusing exclusively on Olympic weightlifting. And so his journey began. To Rob there’s something about the barbell — it doesn’t give in, it doesn’t give up, it has no emotions, and as an athlete every pound you lift is a reward. Rob says, “Nothing given nor guaranteed as an athlete I’m left to respect the weights by setting goal after goal.”

Rob sees himself lifting for many years. In the short term Rob wants to hit a 250kg/550lbs total at a meet (that is, the total weight for the clean and jerk and the snatch lifted in a competition). Long term he’d like to help introduce more people to the sport of weightlifting, and perhaps get more involved as a coach or working at a meet.

Working on Olympic lifting at Brickhouse has been supportive. He says, “The community at Brickhouse has been great. There’s this sense of family. Its good to see Brickhouse athletes focusing on different things like weightlifting and OLY classes, yoga and mobility, and endurance. The weightlifting community is doing well. I’m seeing new and exciting faces in OLY classes and lots of potential in other Brickhouse athletes.”


The Brickhouse 10

  1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? The Hulk: a massive beast that cracks sidewalks and rips tops of tanks… I can only imagine what my total would be.
  2. What are three things you can’t live without? family (I’ve got the best family ever), pizza and ice cream [who can ever choose just one?], and the gym
  3. Favorite WOD?  Well, I’m gonna change this to my favorite lift. Snatch! There’s something about when you lock out a heavy snatch overhead. That… and because heavy clean and jerks are tough on my body
  4. If you could teach one thing to the world today, what would it be? Be more humble and be a good role model… We brag and boast about ourselves and don’t compliment others as much as we should. I remember playing a volleyball tournament and being a cocky teenager—showing off and talking trash to the other teams—and to this day I cannot forget looking over and seeing Hank, a 8 year old boy who looked up to me. In that moment I was embarrassed in my actions. I realized in that moment that we are all role models and we need to do better for those around us.
  5. What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to retire. I hope that’s still a thing when I get older.
  6. What is one thing no one knows about you? I changed my set up for my snatch. I take a long time holding the bar before I lift. The reason is I’m thinking positive thoughts and building confidence.
  7. What is one thing that you’re most proud of?  I’m proud of my roots… growing up on a farm and helping my granddad. I helped everything, from bailing hay, bringing in the cattle, to breaking the ice at the ponds, and working in the mill.
  8. What is your favorite music to WOD to? Breaking Benjamin, Drake, Frank Sinatra… it all depends on my mood.
  9. What results have you experienced with Brickhouse? Before Brickhouse I was skinny fat. I had poor eating habits, didn’t workout consistently, and when I did workout I didn’t have an overall plan to achieve a better/healthier body. With Coach Adam’s help I have a great diet, I work out consistently, and I have specific goals
  10. Why Brickhouse? Brickhouse has everything I need — from the best coaches in the area to platforms for only Olympic lifting — and it’s unlike any other gym.