Brickhouse Basics: Counting Macros

Have you heard the buzz about #IIFYM or do you have current protein, carbohydrate and fat recommendations for your diet?

Come spend the hour with us at Brickhouse CrossFit in this interactive workshop to talk about the basics of counting macronutrients in your diet for optimum results.

Saturday, May 2nd 10:30AM – 11:30AM at Brickhouse CrossFit

This workshop is open to all Brickhouse members, friends, family and other fitness enthusiast in the Roanoke Valley. Everyone, including members, need to register for the workshop prior to attending:

Register: Brickhouse Basics

We’ll cover:

– The importance of weighing food
– How and when to measure your food
– How to read labels to find the right foods for you
– How to track your macronutrients for daily success
– How to pre prepare food for several days and then count out portions based on new food weight
– How to plan for a family of more than one
– When and how to adjust based on results
– Preferred quality of foods

We won’t be covering:

– Suggested macronutrient (see Brickhouse Performance for your recommendations)
– Macronutrient timing or cycling
– Individual diets

Hope to see you here!