Brickhouse CrossFit Celebrates 5 Years in Roanoke

Brickhouse CrossFit 5th Anniversary

It’s a date. Brickhouse is turning five years old in April and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

On Saturday, April 18th at 9:30AM we will meet at our current location for a special WOD that will take us on a journey to explore all of our past locations in Downtown Roanoke.

Once we’re done we’ll hang out for a cookout to celebrate our old and new found friendships. Plan to spend the full morning with us and hang out as long as you can. Bring your family, bring your friends, heck – grab someone off the street and get them moving with us. We want everyone here to celebrate!

There is no doubt as we look back at the Brickhouse story that we could have never accomplished any step of the way without you. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning, including coaches Adam Dickerson and Neal Jamison, and have been instrumental in our growth.

Stay tuned throughout the month of April for stories, photos and videos looking back at our five years. If you’d like to contribute or share your Brickhouse story please reach out to me (Amanda) and we’ll coordinate.

We’re ready for another 5 years, how about you?

Take a look back at the three moves that turned into the space you train today:

In March of 2010 we occupied Amanda’s dance studio to have a place to train the way we thought training should be. Messy and loud. In April we opened our doors to anyone who would train with us quickly attracting CrossFit enthusiasts such as Adam Dickerson, Neal Jamison, Kyle Frasier and our first CrossFitter, Kevin (our son).

Brickhouse CrossFit 2010

That didn’t last long. In summer of 2010 it was obvious that everyone wanted a piece of CrossFit in Roanoke and we needed to support it. The hunt for a new urban space began. We knew when the neighbors of a potential building snidely said “keep dreaming darlin'” that it was a space for Brickhouse. In August with the help of every member, friend and family we had we turned this shabby building into the training grounds that fostered our growth. The photo of Kevin sums up that moving experience.

Brickhouse CrossFit 2010

We thought for sure that would be the only move and we would potentially purchase the building. You guys had different plans. During the summer of 2012 lines would gather outside waiting for the next class because there simply was not room in the facility for anyone to stand and the lines to the one bathroom were very, very long. We went on the hunt for a new space with the requisite that it had to be close by. We loved our downtown home! Fate introduced us to Faisal and his future development plans for the old Merida Bakery buildings and we were in. We had no idea what we were getting into. We could have bought a car for what those mats cost!

Brickhouse CrossFit 2012

Now we are blessed to offer a space for all types of training while fostering the same sense of community we had in our early days. This is only possible by the shoulders Jay and I stand on. The coaches at Brickhouse, the support staff and every single member are the bricks we are built on. We’re just excited to get to take part in a small way. Maybe one day, even bigger. Thank you for that.

Brickhouse CrossFit 2015

We hope you’ll join on us on Saturday, April 18 at 9:30AM for a surprise journey to the past.

Facebook event page to come for RSVPs and more details.