Brickhouse CrossFit Pre-Open Training Cycle

We are now officially “In Season” and just under 2 months out from the largest CrossFit Community event in history.

The Open is “Our” event. The CrossFit Games is like the NFL and the Regionals are like Division 1 Collegiate Sports but the first level of elimination to get to those, the Open, is for us all!

This year the Open is going to be even more accessible due to the addition of a Scaled Division and we are prepping for a large participation at BHC. In past years we’ve had 90+ participate!

The Open is a time of celebration. Celebration of being a part of something much larger than ourselves. Something that on the surface is sport, but also runs immensely deeper. You don’t have to be competitive to experience it. Being part of the CrossFit community and participating in it’s fitness experience changes you at a fundamental level. Everyone, beneath the layers they show the outside, truly just seeks an authentic experience of feeling alive. Surviving round 15 of Fran alongside a tight group of fellow seekers takes you pretty close! To say that this changes lives doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

For the next 2 months our training will be focused on preparing for the Open events. Like previous years, whether or not you decide to participate in the Open, the Open events will still be a part of the weekly CrossFit programming at BHC. So everyone needs to be ready!

In the coming weeks you will see a solid mix of progressive strength work for both Metabolic and GPP Tracks, skill work, and energy systems training geared at maximizing your Open performance and experience.

The notation in the Weekly Programming post will change slightly. Each day will contain a Pre-WOD section of either strength, or progressive physical prep and skill work for the WOD.

The next section will be the WOD. This will be the energy system training that will on most days either mimic past Open workouts in some way, or target specific energy systems that will improve performance in Open style workouts.

The next section will be the Post-WOD. This will include additional strength work and skill work mainly focused around building gymnastic strength generally and/or a specific Open skill that will likely come up in an event.

All 3 sections may be different for Metabolic and GPP tracks.

The Sport Track, for those that are willing to put in additional hours of training, will layer on top of the above base additional Olympic Lifting and Energy Systems training 4x per week. The Sport Track rest day will also move to Thursday as this will be the day Open events are announced and we will begin now to prep the body for 5 weeks of this rhythm.

Olympic lifting will include 1 day of extra Snatch variation and 1 day of extra C&J Variation per week both with rest times closely managed shifting the focus to endurance. The energy systems training will include 1 day of aerobic power and 1 day of progressive alactic power to lactate endurance. These extra energy system sessions are ideally performed 4 hours separate from the BHC Class work.

Beyond programming, for those that want to take the Open to the highest possible level, we are offering for the first time this year an Open Prep Athlete Camp that will cover all aspects of maximizing your Open scores.