Transform Yourself: Brian Wolfe


Brian Wolfe: Before and After CrossFit

The Brian that we see today is a completely different Brian that walked through the Brickhouse doors day one. Not only has he had a physical transformation but we think more importantly he established habits that have lead to a healthier lifestyle. Now he knows what it feels like to be full of energy, have knowledge to make wise food choices, and to be able to move freely and be strong enough for activities he loves to do. Those are our favorite transformations and we are incredibly proud of Brian’s determination to meet his goals.

If you are ready for your own transformation our doors and coaching are open to you. Our group classes feel like a team atmosphere where you count on each other, cheer each other on and celebrate individual success no matter how big or small. With classes that also allow you to focus on your favorite things (olympic lifting, mobility, endurance) you can hone in on the things you most enjoy or want to work on. Our open gym add-on offers you a space and equipment to do extra training on your own anytime we are open. We have five full “grids” of space to train in either in class or on your own. And, if you are just starting your fitness journey we have you covered to with our Beginners Course. We’ll get you up to speed and ready to jump into group classes in as little as three weeks.

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In Brian’s words:

Since starting Brickhouse CrossFit, I have gained confidence that I have never had before. CrossFit and the culture of community at Brickhouse have made a huge impact on my life. In my opinion, and that of my wife, I feel that I am overall a better person now. I look back on my life two years ago compared to today and I don’t even recognize the person in my memories. At one time, I was a pack a day smoker, I ate fast food on a daily basis, and drank soda pretty much all the time. Since coming to Brickhouse, I have completely turned my health around and now I am focusing on becoming the best athlete I can be. Researches suggest that vapor cigarettes like e juice deals can contain less harmful chemicals than found in tobacco cigarettes.

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