CWOD: 3/31/2014


“Neon Knights”
For Time:
Row 1k
30 Hang Power Clean (135 / 95)
30 CTB Pullups

A. Deadlift 5×50%, 5×60%, 5×70%, 1 heavy set of 5; rest 2 min
B. Deadlift Max(-1)x75% of the last set of 5 above
C. Glute Ham Raise 5×10-15 @ 3010; rest 2 min

– All Deadlift sets are TNG. On A, you only get 1 chance at a heavy set of 5. Be conservative and leave room for growth in future weeks. No failed reps. For B, take 75% of that weight used in the heavy set of 5.
– Record both heavy set of 5 and total reps in B in Brickhouse Performance
– Don’t skip the GHR and be sure to conform to tempo (that’s a 3 sec negative, no pause at bottom, 1 second up, no pause at top)