Brickhouse Performance App is Here

*This is a long post, please read all the way to the bottom before doing your happy dance. We want to make sure you get all the information you need.

We have waited for this day for all of 2013 and are crazy excited to present to you our very own Brickhouse Performance App.

We have chosen to build our own from the ground up with our values and clients in mind. No one else’s. Not the masses, not the box down the street, not the box in California. Ours. We’ve scoured through “for purchase” products available and just couldn’t find one that met our needs. There are lots of them out there and some are pretty sweet. But, none of them set right in our gut. We expect more for our athletes. We didn’t want flash, marketing, or big screen TVs. We wanted function and athlete guidance. A pocket coach of sorts.

So it began. Taking our programming methodologies and our core values we built an app from the ground up to support and guide your training. Yep, guide. You’ll see.

We are putting the final touches on the app this weekend and current active members will receive an email on Sunday with a link and login instructions. You’ll want to mark off some time to enter some initial data Sunday evening so you’ll be ready to rock and roll on Monday.

Until then, we want to tease you with some screenshots of what you can expect from your new app.

Your Profile

You will enter your personal data that will drive many of the other functions in the application. We recommend doing this as soon as you receive your login.


Your Lifestyle Guidelines

These are Brickhouse recommended guidelines based on your profile data points. Included are hours of sleep recommended, daily caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown based on your goal, fish oil supplementation guidelines, and hydration needs. Again, these are driven directly from your profile information and are specific to each individual.


Your Benchmark Scores

This section gives you the opportunity to record benchmark workouts, maxes, and gymnastic work that are key to our performance and programming at Brickhouse. You can enter these at any time. We encourage you to go ahead and enter the ones you already know.


Strength Analysis

We take your benchmark data points and give you an analysis of your current state of fitness based on your bodyweight and/or max lifts. You’ll have a sense of where you are based on published bodyweight standards for strength, what baseline targets we recommend for each lift, and gymnastic goals based on bodyweight. Please read some of the scaling recommendations under Lifts Relative to Back Squat and Gymnastic Strength Relative to Bodyweight. These will ensure safety and the fastest progress towards your goals.


Daily Log

We are really excited about this. There are three parts to daily tracking that will not only give you a place to record your data points for the workout but will also guide your training for the day.

Section 1 – WOD and Weight Suggestions

The workout of the day (WOD) will be shown based on whether you have chosen CrossFit or CrossFit Competition as your program in your profile. Underneath, weight suggestions are given that are specific to you and your data points. The more data points you have entered under benchmarks, the more this information is relative to your individual performance. Not only will it recommend working weights but it also advises on your strength warmup sets. Again, all relative to your individual data points that you have entered.

*Please note that warmup set recommendations are noted in plates not lbs. For example 2 x 10s means 2, 10lb plate on each side of the bar.


Section 2 – WOD Data Points

Now that you know what is planned and what you should be doing, you’ll enter your scores and workout notes here. You can also choose when applicable for each workout to include your score in the Gym Leaderboard that will be available on Brickhouse Athlete with live updates.


Section 3 – Lifestyle Data Points

You can track your lifestyle data here and compare your actual numbers to the suggestions made for you. You can also track your resting heart rate and heart rate variability scores for each day. It’s also a good idea to journal and make general notes on how you feel and how your training went. This will help you tie all of your lifestyle guidelines to your performance.

* Make sure to click the Submit Data to record the information entered.


Are you ready to #trainsmarter?

While this doesn’t take the place of individual coaching it does allow us to ensure individuals in our group sessions are getting the intended experience, dose response and results from the training.

Your coach will support and guide your way, your app will pull it all together.

This is probably the biggest thing we’ve done that directly aligns with our values and goals for our clients. Now you have information at your fingertips to perform your best and we have information that will help us guide the group avatar and programming so that everyone is moving forward together.

A few key things to keep in mind:

1. You do not have to use this app to participate in Brickhouse training. It is a tool for those who place a high value on physical movement as part of their lifestyle. It’s built to elevate your training and allow you to #trainsmarter.

2. We have had a small group of testers using the app for a little over a month now with great results. However, when we roll this out on Sunday to 300 clients, you can expect bugs and delays. There is no way we can test that volume without just releasing it. There will be a “report bug” button on the application that you can choose to report a problem that occurs. This is the ONLY way to report a bug. Emails and messages will be replied to with “report bug from application.” It allows us to queue problems and get to them much faster than replying on individual feedback.

3. We are not in a position right now to accept recommendations. We will continue to improve on the app as data comes in and will notify you of new releases.

4. You can access your app via the a web browser on any device. We will send you a link and if you would like to create a home screen button on your phone or iPad you can open the link in your browser and choose “Add to Home Screen.”

5. Please be careful with your device in the training area. If you aren’t comfortable bringing it into the training area you are welcome to make a paper note to carry with you. We are not responsible for broken or damaged devices.

6. An email will be sent to all active members on Sunday. An active member is defined as any person with a valid membership on file that is up to date with payment. If your payment has declined or is delayed, your account is marked as inactive. You may want to go into your account with us and update your email address and get outstanding payments up to date. You can do that from here.

7. If you have not received your login by Monday morning you can contact us here.

We hope you love it as much as we do. #trainsmarter