Beyond L-1, The Next Step in Coaching

So you have your L-1, now what? Jay and I are huge fans of the Level 1 CrossFit Certification but one thing is for sure, it’s only the first step towards coaching. At least for the standards of quality and attention that the Brickhouse name represents.

In the past our coaches development program has only been open to those on staff. Starting on Saturday, December 21st Jay and I are starting an open development program called Beyond L-1. We are opening it up to anyone that has passed their L-1 CrossFit examination to attend along side our staff for hands on practice and direct analysis of Brickhouse coaching.

This is for you if:

1. You have passed your L-1 CrossFit examination.
2. You have a passion for serving others and are humble in your actions.
3. You want to contribute to the Brickhouse community.
4. You can consistently attend workshops every other Saturday from 8:30 – 9:15am.
5. You hold an active membership at Brickhouse.

This is not for you if:

1. You need a title.
3. You care about your PRs more than others.
4. You’ve got drama.

Beyond L-1 workshops will run every other Saturday from 8:30am to 9:15am with the first workshop on December 21st. If you would like to participate, please contact us at here for an application.

You can jump in and participate at any point in the future. Just make sure to have the application submitted before attending.

What to expect at each workshop:

We will do a group mini workout together that is relative to the coaching discussion of the day. The intention is not to get a grueling workout in but rather practice movements and get moving together. We will end with hands on coaching practice and evaluation. You may want to arrive a little earlier to get in some additional warm up time.

Jay and I are excited to work with our staff and community to continue the level of coaching our athletes have come to know.

If you’d like to participate contact us for the application.