The Pink Bra Tour is Here

First and foremost thank you to everyone who registered to participate with us tonight. Thank you to every single individual who donated to Mammograms in Action. As of this writing we have 83 athletes participating and have raised $14,144 to fund mammograms.

There is still time. Register or donate here:


30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
*scaled as needed

Time has come. I heard about Barbells for Boobs in September of 2010, the same month we moved to our new digs on Salem Ave (310 Salem). I thought “no, I couldn’t.” I’m always getting in trouble for taking too much on and knew that everyone would blow their lid if I asked if we could do this event.

But something was stirring inside of me. I’ve never been impacted by breast cancer and neither has anyone in my family. My mother had some lumps removed once but they were benign, she had always used products because she had always been scared of doing something unnatural that could damage her breasts. I had never been touched personally. What was it?

I loved the idea of jumping in on early detection. I loved the idea that the money had a specific purpose, it wasn’t designated by state, and Brickhouse could potentially make an impact in the lives of men and women who do not have access to mammograms. It stuck with my heart.

And so it began.

Fast forward to 2013 and Brickhouse CrossFit is one of the 10 affiliates that The Pink Bra Tour is stopping at on their cross country journey to bring awareness to the importance of Mammograms. While we think we know how to throw a party at Brickhouse, we have no doubt that the Pink Bra Tour is going to show us up.

Here is what is going down:

4:30PM The Pink Bra Tour bus will arrive and the team will begin to set up.

5:30PM Brickhouse doors open to participants and spectators. Heats will be assigned as you check-in. There will be several competitor heats that go first for those vying for the top three male/female spots on the podium at the end of the night. Once the competitor heats are complete the coaches will come on the floor and we’ll start the fun heats! No judges, just you, the barbell, and lots of fun!

6:00PM Opening Ceremonies will begin and be led by the Mammograms in Action crew.

6:25PM 3…2…1…Go!

We plan to wrap up around 9PM and highlight the podium spots where The Pink Bra Tour will give out some pretty awesome swag.

Spectators are welcome. We will take registrations and donations at the door as well. Please know that if you register at the event, you will not be included in the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser site or in the total for Brickhouse. (but that’s ok!)

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A few other things to keep in mind:

– It’s going to be jammin at Brickhouse tonight. Please bring as little with you as possible. No tents, coolers or other large items. If at all possible store your items in a cubby at the entrance or in the locker rooms and not on the floor.

– The Pink Bra Tour will probably have items for sale. If you want to pick up a t-shirt or other swag from their vendors, bring some cash.

– The line for check-in will be at the side door (not the front). Parking is available in our lot, along Norfolk, Salem Ave and we encourage parking on 4th Street as well. Please be aware of fire hydrants and gates that need to open along Norfolk. We like to be kind to our neighbors.

– Dig through your drawers ladies and bring your gently used or new bras to Brickhouse tonight! Read more on that here:

– Have fun.

See you tonight!