Experience Grace: Alison Matthiessen Recounts Barbells for Boobs 2011 and 2012

Barbells for Boobs at Brickhouse CrossFit will be on Friday, October 18 at 6pm. The Pink Bra Tour will be here this year – it’s an event you’re not going to want to miss.

Register to participate and start your fundraising efforts here:

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Article Written by Alison Matthiessen, Brickhouse CrossFit athlete and media team

You’ve been hearing about Barbells for Boobs and the Pink Bra Tour on Facebook and your email. Maybe you are wondering if you should come. No matter who you are, my answer is: YES.

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in Barbells for Boobs with Brickhouse CrossFit for two years. I began as an athlete in May 2011.  When I first heard we would be doing Barbells for Boobs a few months later, I figured it would be just like any other workout, I would just throw in some money for a good cause. I was wrong.

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At the time, we didn’t have nearly as many athletes as we do now, but the box felt packed when around 30-40 people came in Oct. 2011. All decked out in pink. Ready to take on Grace with courage knowing so many women (and men!) do the same as they fight breast cancer. It is hard to describe the energy I felt that day. I decided to try Grace at 80lbs. I was nervous. That was heavy for me. Not to be dramatic, but with everyone there together from all different classes, cheering folks on, the bar felt light. (Well, at least, lighter than I expected!)

Flash forward to 2012. Our gym was growing and BOOM – we had over 90 people come, including my husband Peter. We decided to Grace in honor of Peter’s Aunt Diane who fought breast cancer and won. Barbells for Boobs 2012 is one of my favorite memories from Brickhouse CrossFit. The membership was growing, but instead of fragmenting the gym, it made the community even stronger. You could feel it that night. A nervous energy hung in the air punctuated by “3,2,1… GO!” By then the cheers and cries from fellow competitors and teammates, friends and family, sliced through the jitters to push me farther than ever before. I blew my personal goal to get a sub-five minute RX’d Grace out of the water. I felt like a champion, but it probably pales in comparison to those who face their fear, fight breast cancer head-on, and win.

For me, Barbells for Boobs isn’t necessarily about PR’s. Yeah, that’s great, but it’s really about our amazing community. We are strong. And together, we get results. Last year, when Brickhouse CrossFit became one of the top teams for fundraising in the country – here in little ‘ole Roanoke, Va. (don’t take this wrong, I love it here) – that was a BIG deal. This year the party is going to be bigger than ever with the Pink Bra Tour in town. Not for our own recognition, but because we helped save lives  and provide breast cancer screening services to people in need. And that’s pretty cool. Sure, the pink bus, DJ, swag, and cheering is great to come together as a community and celebrate. But the bottom line is, we can have fun AND make a difference.

You don’t have to RX the workout to come – heck, I’m working through an injury and will likely scale things back myself. That is okay, highly advised, and still fun. I would love to have you sweating it out by my side. Better see you there!