Introducing CrossFit Kids

* Photography by Kendra Portnova –

Brickhouse CrossFit Kids Open House is on Saturday, April 14th at 12:30pm. RSVP on our Facebook Event Page.

I am thrilled to tell you that Brickhouse is going to be offering CrossFit Kids starting in May. As a parent of a 8 year old, I truly believe that it is up to us to not only set an example of health for our kids but to get them involved in programs that positively influence their character.

The CrossFit Kids program is instrumental in improving brain function, building strength, increasing bone density and developing a growing child’s vestibular system – which manages equilibrium and balance. By enrolling your kids into this constantly varied program, there is no question they will receive the physical benefits it provides. What you may not expect is the positive influence that the program will have on the character of your CrossFit Kid.

CrossFit Kids will help build your child’s self esteem. In this community kids view and define themselves not by how they look, but by what they can do. Self confidence is boosted when your kids set short term and long term goals and through hard work and perseverance, achieve successes. Just recently Kevin came home and said “mom, I’m the only one that can’t climb the rope at school.” You know what I did next. And the outcome of the small effort to teach him brought about a change in him that I don’t see when he’s worried about his hair or how he looks to the girls in his class.

CrossFit Kids provides an opportunity for your child to experience both individual accomplishments and team victories. As a community of like minded individuals, your kids will learn to not only strive for their own personal successes, but also support the efforts and celebrate the achievements of their friends. We program relay races, group workouts, and team games in an effort to foster that collaborative spirit.

The nature of CrossFit Kids promotes self-discipline. Your children will learn to focus and control their bodies. As they gain an understanding of the complex and demanding CrossFit movements, your kids will be challenged to strive for precise mechanics. Through their efforts they will begin to realize the value of hard work.

There has rarely been a time when these character traits were more evident than during last year’s CrossFit Games. Cyndi Rodi of CrossFit Kids HQ wrote an article entitled, “CrossFit Kids, Forging Future Achievers”  in which she highlighted outstanding competitors Josh, Connor, Kallista, Mariah, and David. Not solely on their performances but on their character and poise throughout competition. We all strive to see our kids rise to that same level of confidence, determination and strength.

The growth of a child in any area takes time to develop. It requires patience on the part of parents; however, you can trust that in our CrossFit Kids program your little ones will grow stronger and healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. But most importantly, they will have BIG FUN!

We hope that you’ll join us this Saturday at 12:30pm for an Open House. Your kids will have the opportunity to participate in a workout and you’ll get to have big fun watching them and learning more about how our program will proceed.

I hope that you’ll join us. This is an important program to Brickhouse and “Forging Future Achievers” is on our radar. I’d love to see your kids, your neighbors kids, and your friends kids all benefit.