Brickhouse Nutrition Challenge

Get ready for 30 days of unadulterated, right on, body lovin’ nutrition.

Mark your calendars for two important dates:

Friday, January 6th 5:30 – 6:30pm
Friday, February 3rd 5:30 6:30pm

Ready for a definitive way to rev up your nutrition? Now is the time!

We will share exactly what you need to eat and what you need to stay away from for 30 full days. Think of it as a cleanse for the 2012 you. We’ll tell you exactly what it takes to get your nutrition in gear and motivate you along the way.

To participate you need to meet the following requirements:

(1) Attend Kickoff on Friday, January 6th 5:30 – 6:30 (feel free to bring your whole family)

(2) Pay a $25 CASH buy-in fee. All cash from the buy-in will be split 50/50 between the top female and top male transformation at the end of the challenge.

(3) Agree to have a Before & After photo taken and shared upon completion of challenge.

(4) Be a current BHC member or planing to join Saturday, January 7th. Family members can attend the meeting to be supportive and join in but will not pay a fee or participate in the before/after photos.

(5) Attend the After Party on February 3rd 5:30 – 6:30pm


Friday, January 6th @ 5:30pm we will host a Nutrition Challenge Kickoff.

-Come prepared with notebook and pen in hand to start planning your strategy to take you fellow team mates down!

-We will collect your cash buy-in and take your Before photo.

-You will need to wear the same clothing for both before and after photos –

Male: shorts or pants, no shirt
Female: shorts or pants, sports bra or tank pulled up

The Kickoff will conclude with a lecture from Jay & Amanda and a short workshop time for them to work directly with you planning your meals.

_________________________AFTER PARTY________________________

On Friday, February 3rd we will host an “After” party at 5:30pm and capture your After photo.

All Before and After photos will be displayed at BHC for your fellow athletes to vote on the top male and female transformation. The winners, after a week of voting, will split the buy-in pot!


We have a Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group growing as we speak. If you are going to participate in the challenge, go ahead and request to be added to the group:

Our Ambassadors, coaches and owners will be hanging out in there to provide support, direction and motivation during the 30 days. And, there is nothing better than supporting each other!


We hope that you’ll clear your calendar, bring the family, and join us Friday night to start your transformation!

You can RSVP here or simply show up on Friday to participate. Due to demand, we will not be able to meet you another time to cover the lecture or take before photos. You must be able to attend both events to participate.

We’ll see you there!

Jay, Amanda, Crystal, Megan

  • by Coach Jay
  • posted at 10:16 pm
  • January 3, 2012